Miscarriage and Baptisms

Catholics are concerned about the salvation of all souls – including those little ones who, for reasons only known to God, are called home to Him at the earliest stages of life.

While many Catholics may think baptism only extends to those born fully alive, the Church has actually taught that miscarried babies can and should be baptized to ensure their entry into heaven.

Sensus Fidelium, an online Catholic apostolate, has kindly produced a resource page listing the Church’s teaching on the baptism of the miscarried and a PDF brochure giving instructions to parents on how to baptized a miscarried baby.

Please consider reading this and sharing the brochure – especially to the newly married couples.

Additionally, at the bottom of the page, please see a thoughtful article by a faithful Catholic mother on the Church’s teaching and approach to the baptism of the miscarried.

NOTE: Parents can request the remains of a miscarried baby from the hospital. Please contact Be Not Afraid Ministry for more information.

Additionally, select Catholic cemeteries may have burial places for the remains of miscarried babies (possibly at little or no cost except a headstone). Please check with a priest for cemeteries.

Miscarriages & Baptism

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