Foundations Restored

Introducing a special DVD series to reverse the culture of death

For years the Pro-Life movement has worked tirelessly (and often times heroically) to end abortion – yet despite some victories on the legislative level, the culture continues to worsen in our communities.


Simply put the Pro-Life movement has been fighting the symptoms of abortion and not its roots causes.

Evolution: The root cause of abortion

It may surprise many to learn that the root cause of abortion is not contraception, nor promiscuity, nor a lack of compassion and care for women – particularly in crisis pregnancies – in our society but molecules-to-man evolution theory, and Darwinism.

These theories provided the “philosophical foundation” to founders of the culture of death to remove the special dignity of the human person (made in the image and likeness of God) from our society. The promotion of evolution in our schools and parishes (sadly!) have led to a widespread misunderstanding and destruction of the special dignity of the human person.

Traditional Doctrine of Creation

Thankfully there is hope to reverse this horrendous error. It’s called the true doctrine of Creation, as taught by the Catholic Church, including the early Church fathers, saints, ecumenical councils, and Popes throughout the ages.

Thankfully the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation, a Catholic apostolate founded in 2000 to promote the doctrine of creation, has released a ground breaking DVD series entitled Foundations Restored. The series:

  • Presents the Church’s teaching on creation
  • Exposes the lies and myths of evolution (including “theistic evolution”)
  • Shows how cutting edge science is confirming what the Church has taught on Creation

Foundations Restored is a professionally made DVD series, that includes interviews with the top experts of our time from theologians, philosophers, and scientists.

To learn more about the DVD series and to purchase it, please visit:

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