Defending Conscience Rights

In December 2021, the Carolina Family Coalition, hosted a Defending Conscience Rights Against Vaccine Mandates event at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Charlotte.  The event was organized to help support Catholic workers stand up for their conscience rights against vaccine mandates, which violate the conscience rights of Catholics.  A recap is shared below.

Note: If you need to file a religious exemption with your employer, please see our religious exemption page:

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Here are a few takeaways from the event:

Matthew Quinn – Attorney

Mr. Quinn gave an overview* of the legal situation and offered these helpful points:

  • Religious exemption due to the vaccines’ link to abortion is the strongest argument for employees
  • Be reasonable and sincere; keep focus on objection to abortion link
  • Employers don’t want to fire most people – if enough employees resist companies may back down
  • Seek help from an attorney

* As a reminder, the remarks are general assessments of the legal situation regarding vaccine mandates. Individuals should consult with an attorney for specific legal guidance for their particular situation.

Tim Hill – Terminated Radio Host

Mr. Hill shared his inspirational story of how his company mandated the vaccine, denied his religious exemption, and terminated his employment when he declined to receive the vaccine. He shared the following advice:

  • He was not going to choose his job over God
  • God has a plan for everyone, its not up to us to know what it may be
  • He remarked that he has a clear conscience and peace in his decision

Fr. Matthew Codd – Pastor, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Charlotte

Fr. Codd reflected upon the suffering workers and families may endure due to resisting vaccine mandates and offered a reflection on the Passion of Christ:

  • Do not be afraid of things being taken away from us
  • Christ gave everything He loved away – including His Blessed Mother (to St. John)
  • Nothing to be feared with poverty as it is close to God and brings about greater freedom
  • God is close to those who suffer

Future Support

Carolina Family Coalition hopes to hold more events to help defend the family and their rights as time and resources allow.  To support our efforts to defend families against the secular culture, please consider making a one-time or monthly tax-deductible gift (link).

Photo courtesy of J. Sarkis

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